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Five years ago, we had only dreamed that we would be professional brewers. We had been home brewing for years, but opening an actual brewery was always something that was in the distant future, if it ever happened at all. But after a particularly successful festival, we had the crazy idea that we could get a commercial brewery going. After years of drumming up cash, writing (and constantly refining) our business plan, poring through real estate listings, and giving away beer, we finally did it- we opened up Milkman Brewing to the public. But that adventure is coming to a close for us.

At the end of April, we will be shutting down operations and going our separate ways. We’ve already brewed our last batch of beer, and plan to continue operations until we sell off the last drop. That seems likely to happen in the next couple of weeks. Please keep an eye on our website, Facebook, and Twitter for our hours, as they may become irregular as we wind down.

Running a business on the side is a difficult proposition. None of us take a salary from Milkman Brewing, and all hold full time jobs. In addition to additional responsibilities in our professional lives, Jamie and Justin have both seen their families double in size since we started this venture. You may have seen Jamie’s or Justin’s kids down at the brewery during growler sales. If you’ve been to the brewery, you would also notice that it’s not the best place to keep small children for long periods of time, especially in the winter.

With our changing personal priorities in mind, we’ve been exploring various options over the past few months to keep the brewery running. Unfortunately, we determined that moving on is our best option at this time.

We want to acknowledge how absolutely wonderful and supportive everyone has been. There are so many people without whom we’d have never gotten this off the ground, and an even bigger group that kept us going once we were up and running. It’s been a pleasure to meet so many good and passionate people, from the folks that battled through throngs of fellow beer enthusiasts to see us at festivals, to those that braved the steps to our growler station, to the bar managers and employees that helped us move kegs down terrifyingly narrow steps, to our fellow brewers who were willing to give us advice and help us through the minutiae of running a brewery.

Thank you all for helping us to live our dream, at least for a little while. It’s been an amazing experience.

Cheers, from all of us at Milkman Brewing!

Special Thanksgiving Hours

Milkman Brewing will be open from 10am-6pm on Wednesday for growlers fills. Get your Peppermint Porter for the Thanksgiving table!

New Hours, New Beer

This weekend, we’ll be switching things up a bit. We’ve noticed a few things about our sales hours:

  1. The Strip District is rather empty on Fridays from 4-8
  2. Business really picks up around 3 PM on Saturdays and Sundays, even though we aren’t advertised as being open at that time

So, starting this week, we are adjusting our weekly advertised hours to:

Saturday – 10AM-5PM
Sunday – 10AM-5PM

At some point in the future, we hope to bring back Friday sales (at a more Strip District appropriate time). But until then, check us out during our extended weekend hours!

Also this week, we’ll be debuting the Wedding Saison. It’s brewed with lemon, ginger, and honey, and clocks in at around 7% ABV. Stop in and try some!

Hours, yes!! Come get a growler full of beer!

Hello kids!!! This Thursday come visit us on our first day open to the public!

We will have a single-hop pale ale (Nugget hop), our Dahntahn Brahn (smoked brown ale), and PCR (rye ale brewed with peppercorns)!

Thursday – 6pm – 9pm
Friday – (if anything is left) noon – we run out

We are located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District at 2517 Penn ave., Pittsburgh, PA.

Thanks for all of the support up to this point, we love you so much we would marry everyone of you!


Beers of the Burgh Festival and more!!

Hello you beautiful beer consuming creatures! First, thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at Beers of the Burgh and tried our beer. This Festival was a great experience, had an awesome vibe, and it really showed the comradery of Pittsburgh’s alcohol producers. Everyone here at Milkman got the warm and fuzzies, and we think this type of thing needs to happen more often, even if on a much-smaller scale. For those of you that missed it, we were pouring Dahntahn Brahn and Peppercorn Rye, but you will have plenty of opportunities to have those coming up.

Friday, April 25th we will be pouring at Bocktown Robinson
Tuesday, April 29th at Bocktown Monaca
& Wednesday, April 30th, Tender Bar and Kitchen have put together a beer pairing dinner with us.

Look for the us to finally open our doors at 2517 Penn ave in May for growler sales. Please follow us @milkmanbrewing on Twitter and Milkman Brewing on Facebook for news as it happens! Stay hoppy grasshoppers!



So here in Milkmanland, everything is starting to come together. Build out of our space @2517 Penn ave is nearly complete, and our equipment is being put into place… Which means that the “crafting” part of craft beer can soon begin.

In the meantime, go to and get tickets to our first event happening on April 12th in Lawrenceville. We will also be doing some things with @bocktown, which will be around Craft Beer Week…

See you soon!

We aren’t being lazy!

Alright, maybe a little lazy, since it really only takes a couple minutes to update our website.

Things are exciting here in the Milkman Brewing camp right now! Our brewery location has finally been realized, so very soon you will be able to stop in to get growlers filled by us in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Things are going to be moving rapidly going forward, so make sure you are connected to us through social media on Facebook and Twitter (@milkmanbrewing).

Hops and kisses!

Yearly blog post? I PROMISE WE’VE BEEN BUSY!

OK, I get it. Milkman Brewing Co. hasn’t been doing their part in spreading the word on the interwebs. THAT IS CHANGING! Like us on Facebook, and follow our shenanigans on the Twittersphere @milkmanbrewing.

Coming events!

Monday, October 8th at Diamond Market Grill, a 5 course dinner with beer pairings by yours truly.

Course 1 – Mac and cheese, sweet caramelized pork belly paired with our ESB
Course 2 – Spicy smoked Arctic Char, fennel and mustard green salad paired with our award winning Peppercorn Rye
Course 3 – Infused beef slider w/ caramelized onions, cracked black pepper, cambozola cheese, and balsamic tomatoes paired with the mighty Mean Assed Hank (Irish Whiskey-oaked DIPA)
Course 4 – House-smoked BBQ pulled pork crostini topped with slaw and greens, and a potato puree topped with bbq brisket, paired with Dahn Tahn Brahn, our new smoked-brown ale
Course 5 – Chocolate, marshmallow pretzel drizzled with butterscotch, paired with our Samoa Stout (inspired by the Girl Scout cookie)

Get your reservation into the Diamond Market Grill at 412-325-2000.

Stay tuned for info about 2012 Pittsburgh Brewfest happening Saturday, November 17th.

Kickstarter and Brewfest 2011

The Milkman Brewing Kickstarter is live!

Check it out here

Hello drinking public!  The opportunity to support a newly-arriving craft brewery with your hard-earned money is here.  We know that you should probably put the money towards college funds and tacky Christmas sweaters, however, fermentors and kegs are gifts that keep on giving.

We are moving forward with the brewery this year. We realized that we will not be distributing very widely to start. The Kickstarter is the icing on top of the cake. We want to be able to get more beer, to more bars, more quickly. If we find the support, we will purchase equipment which will let us do that.


Pittsburgh Brewfest 2011 & other stuff

Hi all! It has been a long time since our last update… This is partly due to our trying to get our financials together for licensing. We currently have a location for the brewery, and have done some test batches there. The brewery space is near the Mexican War Streets, and we look forward to growing along with other businesses in the neighborhood.

We will be attending Pittsburgh Brewfest this year, and bringing a few beers with us to show off our wares. We will be returning with the Pitt City Peppermint Porter that won the attendees vote at last year’s Brewfest. To go along with last years beer (which tasted a bit like a thin mint cookie), we have brewed the Samoa Stout… think chocolate, caramel, and toasted coconut. We are also bringing a Peppercorn Rye beer that has been getting a very good response. The recipe is 50% rye, and is brewed with a variety of different peppercorns to give a subtle spiciness. For the VIP session, we have an Imperial Peach Ale (that is tentatively being called Impeachment… no political reasons behind the name, we promise!). This beer had fresh peaches added from the beginning to the end of the boil, and is paired with a Belgian yeast strain to bring out additional fruit notes on the palate.

The tickets for the event are $35 or $50 for admission to the VIP session, and are available at Also, bring non-perishable food items for the food drive benefiting the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.

Be sure to take a sober driver with you, as there are a LOT of beers to enjoy, and their ticket price is only $10 (which allows them to enjoy the food and entertainment).

More updates to come soon, I promise!